Welcome to 3Up 3Down Sports

Based in Omaha, Nebraska, 3up 3down, offers professional quality mitts, batting gloves, and wood bats designed to help players standout from the crowd. Each glove is as unique as the players who use them.

3 Up 3 Down is proudly based in America’s Heartland – Omaha, Nebraska. Omaha represents the core values of America. Baseball is well known to be the 1st professional sport. The game is known as America’s pastime exemplifying the American way of life.

Omaha is also the home of the College World Series. 64 NCAA Division I collegiate teams compete each year on the  “Road to Omaha” to determine the National NCAA Division I Champion.

3 Up 3 Down’s mission is to provide quality gloves and bats to aspiring athletes at every level and for every gender. We know that providing personalized quality equipment perpetuates the athlete’s love and commitment for the game while enhancing an athlete’s enthusiasm and performance.